Keep Childen Safe

It is very important that parents and carers are able to access high quality information which will enable them to support their children’s well-being and resilience. This section of the website is designed to bring together useful pieces of information about matters which may be affecting your child presently, or are potential issues in the future. With the massive development in technology our children are facing challenges which many parents may not even be aware of. There may also be issues parents feel uncomfortable talking about. Knowledge and understanding will help us to keep our children safe and give us the confidence to talk about challenging issues.

If parents feel there are further topics on which they would appreciate support, please send a request to:

Please note, if you have serious concerns about the safety of your child you should contact the police or seek medical advice immediately. The advice published in this section of our website has been collated from that provided by independent experts in their field and is not necessarily the views of Hatton Hill School. Further advice and support is widely available from your GP, school nurse and various support agencies.

Hatton Hill Safeguarding Policies

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