Vision and Values


“Achievement through Happy Learning”


Our values are not unique. They are the values that underpin our society and allow us to live in a nation which strives, through its laws and actions, to be responsible, tolerant and inclusive. They are supported by our work towards Rights Respecting Schools.

We value:

  • Learning
  • Honesty
  • Friendship
  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Cooperation
  • Good manners
  • Responsibility
  • Appreciation
  • Tolerance


Our aims reflect our values and set our expectations for all children at all times. Children are actively taught to understand our values through their learning in the curriculum and beyond. For example, an assembly may focus on the history and importance of table manners, and a geography lesson may introduce the children to a different culture and way of living.

Our children learn that how they ACT becomes their charACTer. When something goes wrong, they are taught how to manage the situation and find a resolution, maybe simply by saying sorry. This means they are given opportunity to reflect upon and develop the skills they need to become the responsible and happy people they deserve to be.

Our Aims:

  • Every child should fulfil their potential. They should learn to appreciate their talents, whilst working extra hard at the things they find challenging.
  • Every child should develop a good self-image. They should be taught the skills needed to build and maintain a strong moral framework which they can apply to the many challenges they will encounter throughout their lives.
  • Every child should be safe and feel secure in the school environment. They should develop the confidence to learn and make mistakes without fear of failure.
  • Every child should learn in an environment that is disciplined, but comfortable and nurturing.
  • Every child should develop the ability to show concern for others and tolerance of our many differences.
  • Every child should learn to take responsibility for their actions by recognising what went wrong and knowing how to find a resolution.
  • Every child should have access to the full range of National Curriculum subjects within a planned framework which inspires and caters for their individual needs.
  • Every child’s parents or carers will be encouraged to play an important part in their child’s journey through our school - educationally, socially and emotionally.

Our infant CharACTer display 2016-17:

Infant CharACTer display 2016-17

Our junior CharACTer display 2016-17:

Junior CharACTer display 2016-17

Our KS1 CharACTer display:

KS1 CharACTer display

Our KS2 CharACTer display:

KS2 CharACTer display