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Staff and governors at Hatton Hill Primary School are committed to providing children with the very best education. Such an education involves high quality learning opportunities in all the curriculum subjects, but it also involves educating the whole child and preparing them for adult life within the wider community.

We are delighted to announce that Hatton Hill continues to take part in the exciting Mini Police project organised by Merseyside Police:

“Our Mini Police will support the force priorities, through participation in community engagement events. Those involved can look forward to developing a confident voice through enjoyable experiences. Children who become part of the programme will help to tackle local issues, as highlighted by their own communities.  By assisting the police service, we hope they will also carry that ownership and pride back into the community they live in.” Merseyside Constabulary

Mini Police has been successful year on year with our miniature officers experiencing a range of opportunities which will help them develop their sense of community and duty, for example, taking part in speed watch operations; visiting the police horses; attending the launch of Hate Crime Awareness Week and starring on Crime Watch. 


Events 2021-22


Watch Out; Mini Police About. Again!

Our new cohort of Mini Police were out and about monitoring the speed of traffic on Hatton Hill Road. Under the close supervision of the police, they were able to take the speed of vehicles. Taking part in speed checks is a memorable lesson for our children and one we hope they will remember when they become drivers themselves. 

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Grand Opening of the New Merseyside Police HQ

Mini Police representatives were honoured to be invited to the formal opening of the new Merseyside Police Headquarters at Rose Hill. It was an amazing event with representatives from the many sections of the Force, including the police horses and band. Prince Edward officially opened the building and had a lovely chat with our children. Well done to the children who represented us and to Mrs Kearon for accompanying them. We continue to value our strong links with Merseyside Police and the many unique opportunities it affords our children.

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Mini Police Meet the Chief

The Mini Police met the new Chief Constable of Merseyside Police in the new Merseyside Police Headquarters this week. Chief Constable Kennedy spoke to the children about her experience of working in the police and how much she enjoys working within a team. The children learned that there are many jobs within the police force, including mechanics and IT specialists. Importantly, The Chief also explained shared that she has not got every promotion she has gone for first time helping the children to realise that perseverance and determination are key skills to success! The HQ was also an impressive place to visit. Not only is Mini Police a great opportunity to learn and serve our community, but it also inspires our children to consider what they would like to do in the future. We want our children to be filled with aspiration to work in a field which brings them happiness as well as financial security. The officers we met are certainly inspiring. Thank you to Mrs Kennedy for taking time out of her extremely busy schedule to meet us.

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Watch Out; Mini Police About!

Our Mini Police were out and about monitoring the speed of traffic on Hatton Hill Road. Under the close supervision of the police, they were able to take the speed of vehicles. If cars were travelling too quickly, they were pulled over and our Mini Police had a quiet word with the drivers about the importance of sticking to the speed limit. A memorable experience for both the children and drivers!

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The Community Van

The Mini Police had planned a speed check operation on Hatton Hill Road, but heavy rain scuppered their plans. Instead, they were shown the community van which is full of clever features, such as a mini kitchen; fold away desk; USB sockets and even a TV screen on the outside of the van! Thank you once again to our local policing team for giving us this opportunity. 

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Mini Police Help Keep Children Safe

At the last minute, our Mini Police stepped in to help produce video clips for a training event for Police and their partners. The training event will help professionals identify signs which may tell them a child is in danger or needs help. Our children were filmed in their Mini Police uniform reading statements, for example, "If I told you I am meeting a stranger I met online...what would you do?" The clips will now be used at a conference so professionals can consider and learn what they can do to best support a child in each situation. 

The children learned their lines, then spoke clearly and confidently into the camera. It was a mature topic yet our children were trying to think of their own answers to each situation and they did think of some very sensible actions which would help keep another child safe. Parents should be very proud of their Mini Police. 

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Mini Police Bike Marking Event

Mini Police joined community police officers to organise a bike marking event on our playground. Children, parents and friends of our community were able to bring their bikes to be marked and registered on a national database. This should act as a theft deterrent and also increase the likelihood of recovering a stolen bike. The Mini Police were efficient - they communicated confidently with bike owners; ensured registration forms were completed and secured the security tags to bikes. Our parents were so supportive of the Mini Police and it lovely to see children in action. Thank you to our community police officers for affording us this opportunity. 

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