Achievement through Happy Learning

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Dear Parents and Carers,

The years from birth until adulthood are the most important of our lives. As children childhood seems to stretch on forever; as adults we know that those years are both short and precious.

Childhood is a time to learn and to play, during which children need to be nurtured and kept safe so that they can develop into educated, confident, enthusiastic, polite and responsible young people who are ready to tackle the ever changing world.

Our dedicated staff at Hatton Hill Primary School feel privileged to have a key role in these important and formative years and work passionately to ensure that they are both happy and successful for all our children.

High priority is always placed on standards of mathematics, writing and reading to ensure that our children are ready for the challenges of high school and adulthood.

Underpinning this, our ‘Connected Curriculum’ is rich and dynamic allowing children to link their learning in all subjects with experiences in their everyday life and the world beyond where they live.

We also value other important achievements beyond the curriculum such as a child’s ability to care for another, to be polite, to work hard at all times and to acknowledge a mistake - qualities which will enable them to form strong, healthy relationships and become successful citizens.

Above all, we believe that children will achieve their very best when they are happy. We know this because as adults we feel the same. At Hatton Hill we strive to create a sense of belonging where children feel safe, secure and happy; where they are ready to learn.

Childhood is precious. It should be filled with success and it should be happy.

If you would like to see happy learning in action, please make an appointment to visit our school by calling our school office on 0151 928 7012.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs A. James - Headteacher


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